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Buying Used Cars

Used Cars are doing big business. There are almost three times more used cars sold every year than new cars. Used Car Business amounts to $324 billion. For many of us a used car was the first car we purchased. Surprisingly, more used cars are sold between individuals (person-to-person) than through franchised used car dealers. Instead of saying "used cars" we can call them as "previously-owned", "near-new", "just-bought" vehicles. Used cars in this era has got its own luster to look like a shiny new car. Now a customer can expect recent-model vehicles available from clean-cut salespeople in offices equipped with computer terminals.

The growth of high sales of used cars is due to the high price of new cars as well as the desire of the public to drive more luxurious vehicles than they can afford to buy. Most new-car leases last two to three years at which time the "owner" brings in the vehicle to exchange for a new model, leaving the seller with a "used car" to resell. This vehicle is then cleaned up, tagged "near-new" and put in the used-car inventory. Buyers who were interested in brand new Cars are now looking for well maintained, gently handle used cars. They prefer it because of its high quality and the warranties offered by the automakers and the dealers. 

Though buying used cars has become the highest priority for the car buyers there are more cases where they get disappointed buying the used cars. The chances for this failures or disappointments can vary from the price of the car, vehicle mileage and the fuel efficiency problems, maintenance of the car etc. To avoid the failures and disappointments in buying a Used Car we have listed some tips or important advices to be followed before buying a used car.

The Important Steps To Buying Used Cars and Used Trucks

1. Decide it is Time to Buy a Car

This is the most important decision you must decide upon before buying an used car. You must decide upon whether is this time for you to buy a car. Decision to buy a car is a personal matter. Either your teenager boy/ girl might require to go college in car or you might require it for ease of transportation. There can be many reason for getting a car in the family but be sure that your budget is always going to change after buying a new car.   

2. Decide whether to Buy New Car or Used Car

The strongest reason to buy a used vehicle rather than a new one is cost. With the average costing about $20,000 and more, it is not hard to find an "almost-new" car for less money. There's also the advantage of getting a nicer used vehicle for the price of a new one. But new vehicles always have their own advantages when compared to the used vehicles. There are some concerns in getting an Used Car. Before deciding you can read these articles Buying Cleaner Used Cars , Advices before buying an Used Car .  

3. Decide the Type of Car 

First decide upon the type of Car that will be suited for you. This will decide upon your exact need . Certain vehicles work well for families (sedans, station wagons, minivans, sport utility vehicles) and some are better for a single lifestyle (coupes, convertibles, compact pickups, sports cars). 

4. Decide upon the Specific Makes and Models.

Having chosen the type of vehicle that suits your lifestyle, it's time to look at the makes and models that fit this profile. Analyze the features (air conditioning, power windows and door locks)  and the size of the required engine of each Makes and Models. Don't forget to analyze the vehicle history also. 

5. Decide whether to Buy or Lease

The quality of used vehicles at dealerships is much improved. While you can still save a good deal over the cost of a comparably-equipped new car, a previously-owned vehicle can be priced at the low end of the new-car marketplace. There are many new financial opportunities to consider when acquiring a used car. Leasing is now an option in this new era of used-car buying. Also you have to decide upon the source of money for buying the Car.

6. Choosing the used cars

Look for the Used Cars in the internet or through known persons or through newspaper classifieds. Find the Used Car that suits you need. Don't forget to have a test drive of the Used Car with your specialist Car Mechanic. Then do a good negotiation of the used-car deal. To be in the best possible position during negotiation, it's necessary to have a good idea of a fair price for the vehicle. For years, the industry standard for car pricing has been the Kelley Blue Book. It can be found, when requested, at dealerships, banks or credit unions. Today, Kelley Blue Book pricing, going back to model year 1978, is also at your fingertips on the Internet at the Kelley Blue Book web site at

For buying used cars there are two pricing modes: trade-in value and retail value. Each requires the answer to several questions -- your zip code to factor in cost differences in various part of the country, the vehicle's general condition and mileage, a check list of features -- making the pricing as accurate as possible. When entering in this data or looking at it in the books, first locate the year, make and model of the vehicle. Next find the listing for condition (i.e. excellent, moderate, poor) and the mileage. That information will provide both the trade-in and retail values. Next read the information on the value of various features (sunroof, electric windows, air conditioning) and model version (i.e. XL, DL, deluxe). Any feature above and beyond the standard package offered by the automaker will make the vehicle more valuable. Just add the corresponding amounts to the trade-in and retail values.

7. Take Care of Your Vehicle

The last step for your successful Used Car experience is in the Insurance of your Used Car and your proper maintenance of Used Car. So, go ahead buying used cars.

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