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Cars for Sale and Your Driving Records

By Hanna Nilson



Selling your car privately can be a money saver. By avoiding car dealerships you remain in control of the transaction. However, you will need to be very organized, youíre Driving Records should be in order and all your paperwork, foolproof!

Managing cars for sale can take a good amount of time and effort. If this is your first time selling a car privately, you may want to consider the following guidelines in addition to some extra research. As it is with any large investment, always be sure all bases are covered and that youíre prepared to handle the worst case scenario. As such, having all your valid driving records and paperwork prearranged, will ensure a smooth and secure selling transaction.


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1) Car Service and Repair Records: All cars for sale should come with evidence of any recent or major car service and repair records. This includes any proof if recent vehicle tune-ups, inspections, maintenance work etc. Itís best practice to have copies of the records available for prospective buyers.

Some car buyers may want to have the car inspected by their own mechanic. If this happens, request that they also keep track of the recipes and/or any notes from the mechanic. This way, nothings is left to word-of-mouth, which may cause misunderstandings that can lead to Breaching of an Oral Agreement. Driving records, even from any potential buyers serves as extra insurance to the authenticity and validity of your car selling transaction.

2) DMV Driving Records: A car for sale means that the owner is ready to pass-on responsibility for the car. This is a good time to check your license status and official driving records. All state Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) maintain and provide driving records for any registered driver. However, different states vary on their policy and feeís for obtaining such information.

To order your personal driving records, contact your local DMV via the web, by phone or in person. In any case, they will usually require that you submit a request for the records form. You then, might be asked to pay a fee and submit some proof of identification. If you cannot pick-up the driving records in person, they might be mailed to your home address. Remember, such procedures depend on the requirements of your stateís DMV.

3) Others: Some other examples of miscellaneous paperwork to keep track of when selling a car includes settling any outstanding Parking Tickets or making sure that the car Registration is current. Also, if your car is older than 25 years, your car could be due for a Smog/Emissions Certification examination. Before advertising your car for sale, contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if your car is due for a Smog Inspection or Emissions Exam.

In conclusion, keeping track of your driving records or history reports for your car, is the best way to make sure that the car sale can be completed without complications. Once the car for sale is backed-up with all the right paperwork, it will be easier to sell. So, just remember that organization and proficiency is the key and youíll do just fine! Happy selling!


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