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Used / Pre-owned Car Repair and Maintenance Tips

By Hanna Nilson



Used or pre-owned cars require extra attention. Knowing how to keep up with basic car repairs and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your used or pre-owned car.

There are a few things that everyone should know about taking care of their used car. For example, some of the most obvious procedures for used car repair and maintenance are washing and waxing regularly. This will help protect your car's body from corrosion. Also, cleaning the interior of your car will prevent wear-and-tear and can make a huge difference for the overall look and feel of your car's condition.


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Measuring and refilling your car's fluids are also a standard and crucial practice in order to keep your used car running safely. There are several key liquid components to the car engine.

  • Car Engine Oil: It is best to check your engine oil every 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure you check the oil when the engine is off Also, changing your car engine oil is a must. However, every used car is different, it is best to consider the car mileage and condition in order to determine when the car might be due for a tune-up and/or oil change.

  • Car Engine Coolant: WARNING! Never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot! Always let your car cool for a while before opening the radiator cap. Most cars have measurement markings. Keep the fluid level between these markings.

  • Car Transmutation Fluid: For any automatic vehicle, checking the transmutation fluid is much like checking the oil. However, to get the most accurate reading, it is best to have the engine warm.

  • Power Steering Fluid: Like the transmutation fluids, this should always be checked when the engine is up to operating temperature.

  • Car Brake Fluid: For most new cars, you can check the level of the brake fluid without a measuring device or without removing the cap. Simply, check on the side of the container for fluid levels.

  • Another important part of maintaining you used or pre-owned car is checking your tires. Tire balancing; rotations, wheel alignment, as well as tightening all nuts / bolts will help keep your tires in good condition and lasting longer. Also, checking the air pressure is crucial and should be a regular practice, especially during colder seasons and before long road-trips.

Other miscellaneous parts of your used car which are of no lesser significance and should always be kept in mind are, windshield wipers, the Anti-lock braking system or ABS and timing belt. The timing belt in particular is one of the most essential parts of your engine. If it goes, so does your car. The timing belt usually needs to get changed between 60k-90k miles. Consider, once again, how every used car is different and depending on the make, model and/or year of the car, it may be able to last for longer or shorter periods of time.

Finally, taking your car for regular tune-ups and having it checked by a professional, is a vital practice for ensuring the safety of your vehicle. As the owner and responsible driver of your used / pre-owned car, always remember that if you take care of it, it will take care of you!





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