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Used Dump Trucks

By Hanna Nilson


Used dump trucks are used for many different purposes. Mostly, they’re used to help move and transport heavy loads for construction. However, used dump trucks aren’t always the safest vehicles, especially if they aren’t managed and taken care of properly.

If you currently work with any type of used dump truck, you may find it useful to know that dump trucks can actually be pretty dangerous. If you’re not careful, used dump trucks can easily tip and cause accidents during the loading and dumping process because they are so difficult to maneuver. The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) reports that more that 500,000 truck accidents happen each year. Furthermore, of these 500,000; there is the high number of fatalities in the average amount of 5,000 each year. Unfortunately, these numbers are increasing as dump trucks continue to get larger.

The Dump Trucks Safety Group reports that the most common cause for used dump truck dangers are due to vehicle instability. You may not think it, but these guys suggest that maintenance plays an important role in preventing your used pickup truck from toppling over. They offer a few tips and tricks that might help to prevent such accidents:

  1. Check tire pressures daily. Tire pressures should be equal on each side of the used dump truck. If the tires are uneven, you could drastically increase the chances of tipping your used dump truck when on a hill, making a sharp turn or when dropping-off materials.
  2. Examine and lubricate pins and bushings regularly. Doing so will allow the used dump truck to function smoothly.
  3. Inspect suspension systems. Check the suspension under the load to ensure that they work properly and provide even suspension. If you notice a weak suspension system, it should be replaced immediately.
  4. Inspect hoist cylinders regularly. Worn cylinders should not be replaced with smaller cylinders or with cylinders rated at lower operating pressure. It is always important to use the right used truck parts in order to make sure that the vehicle can function to its maximum and safest capacity.
  5. Make sure that repairs to boxes leave bottom and sides clear and unrestricted. This seemingly obvious precaution shouldn’t be taken for granted. Always make sure that any work you have done on your used pickup truck is done by a professional who has experience working with trucks. If box or cargo area reconstruction is done carelessly, rough patchwork repairs, especially near the top of the box, can catch and hold sticky materials.

Driving a used dump truck is especially tricky because they’re usually not in the best condition. Being a work vehicle, these trucks often get overused. To avoid the chances of being in an accident, truck drivers are well trained on managing the vehicle properly. However, even for professionals can tip the vehicle over by driving the used dump truck on even the slightest slopes. This is because as the truck operates on a hill its center of gravity can easily shift and therefore tip over.

Regardless of any dangers that may be affiliated with driving used dump trucks, as long as the driver is cautious, there should be no reason for tipping or getting into accidents. Also, if the used dump truck is properly taken care of, then the risks of getting into an accident can be significantly lowered. Remember, even the simple things like uneven tire pressure could lead to more damage. So, get the job done, but get it done safely.


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