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Used Truck Parts

By Hanna Nilson


If youíre working on your used truck and need to find the right used truck parts for a reasonable price, well, letís just say itís not the easiest of tasks. Finding cheap used or new truck parts for your used truck is a matter of knowing exactly what you need and how to weigh your options. The following tips, tricks and references may help you to get your project started.

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First of all, itís crucial to know exactly what part's that will work with your particular used truckís year, make, model and type. For Example, small trucks such as SUVís, pickup trucks and light weight or medium duty trucks in America use gasoline engines whereas most of the heavier trucks use four strike turbo intercooler diesel engines. There are also the monster off-highway trucks which use locomotive or aviation-type engines such as the V12 Detroit Diesel to stroke engines.

Some of the most commonly used truck manufacturers in North America often employ a third party engine supplier such as CAT, Cummins and Detroit Diesel. Exceptions to these practices are Volvo and its subsidiary truck manufacturer Mack Trucks. These trucks are actually made with their own engines. Mack Trucks, for example, have been soled in 45 different countries world wide. As one of the top producers of both heavy-duty off-road trucks and vocational on-road trucks of class 8 through class 13, they are currently one of the worlds leading truck manufacturing companies.

When it comes to looking for used truck parts for smaller used trucks, finding used truck parts for the transition system will be a lot easier. This is because most small trucks used the same type of transitions as passenger cars. So, while finding used tuck parts for either your automatic or manual transition system might me easier to do for smaller trucks, larger trucks have a more complicated transition system. Some larger trucks use synchromesh transmissions, however, a lot of bigger used trucks are often made with transmission systems that do not have synchronizers. This saves on both bulk and weight for an already large engine. These used truck parts may be other wise known as ďCrash BoxesĒ.

If youíre looking to find used truck parts, chances are that the above manufacturers will carry what you need. Although, buying original new or used truck parts directly from the manufacturer can be expensive. A reasonable alternative may be buying wholesale truck parts. Wholesale truck part dealers can usually offer about 30 to 50 percent off retail dealership prices.  In fact, many of these parts are made by the same suppliers that make parts for mainstream truck dealers. Some suggested online wholesale truck part dealers are Wholesale Truck Parts Inc. or Wholesale Truck Parts. You can also explore your options on sites such as e-Bay or even Craigslist for local used truck parts.

Overall, itís best to find either new or used truck parts in your local area, especially if your required used truck parts are heavier and bulky. Even if it might seem that the best prices on certain truck parts are offered in other states or even internationally; shipping costs, time expense and supply efficiency may be unfavorable. While it is convenient to shop online, you may want to consider doing some initial research and checking your local listings for used truck parts and suppliers. If there are none available in you local areas; out-of-state dealers could be the next best option.


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