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Cheap Used Cars - Yes, They Do Exist!

What exactly are cheap used cars? Are they simply cars that are bought below the asking price, or is there more to it? There are many ways to buy inexpensive used cars, but you need some information before you set out. If you donít know what a particular car is worth, you wonít know when you are getting a good deal. Check out our tips to find the cheap used car that is perfect for you.

Research, Research, Research
You have to know what a good deal is in order to know if you are getting one. You should research the types of cars you are interested in and find out what the trade-in value is for each one. Mileage, age and options will affect what a dealer will pay for a particular car for resale. If you can get a car for a price that is near the trade-in value, you have bought a used car for cheap.

Buying a Used Car with Confidence

How to Find Actual Used-Car Prices

Searching the Internet
The Internet has changed everything about buying cheap used cars. Before it became common to search for a car from your living room, you were limited to what you could find locally and through auto-sale magazines. Now, there are many different websites that will list local used cars, and most have photographs and detailed information so that you can research your options before you ever leave the house. Start your search on the Internet to see what dealers and private parties are asking for their cars.

Car Brokers
These are similar to used car dealers. They are people who buy cheap used cars at auction and then resell them on their own; they are basically middlemen. Their prices may be less than a standard dealership, but you may not get as many protections from buying a lemon. Treat them as you would a used-car dealer and try to get a mechanic to inspect the car if possible. Look underneath the car for signs of fluid leakage and check the vehicle identification number (VIN) online at CarFax or at AutoCheck to see if it has been damaged in the past.

If you are a braver sort of car buyer, you can avoid the middleman and attend a car auction yourself. Agencies auction cars that have been seized by police or repossessed; the bidders determine the price for each car. This may be the best way to find cheap used cars, but it is not without risk. Many auctions donít allow inspections and you buy the car ďas is,Ē but you can score a great deal Ė often well below the trade-in value. Larger cities often advertise government auctions of their vehicles, but information may be harder to get in smaller towns. If you donít know much about cars, be sure to bring a knowledgeable friend who knows what to look for.

Finding cheap used cars is easy if you know where to look and keep in mind how much you should pay. You may have a much longer search if you are looking for a low-mileage, late-model car at an inexpensive price. Do some research and find out what older models are reliable and adjust your expectations if you want a really cheap car. When price is your object, you may have to forgive some dents and scratches. As you are driving down the road with a full wallet, it probably wonít matter at all.

5 Signs of a Reputable Used-Car Dealer

Internet Shopping: Used Cars for Sale Online

Is it Time to Refinance Your Car?

Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Car?

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