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Ideas for Buying and Selling Used-Car Parts

Anyone who has had to replace worn out, broken or used-car parts knows how expensive they are. At the dealer, they must be gold-plated, and at the parts stores, they vary from “We think an awful lot of this part” to “Well, this is an OEM part,” meaning original equipment manufacturer. Used auto parts are available from a car manual to complete engines. Ebay has thousands of used-car parts for sale and other Internet shops selling used-car parts claim to have millions of parts. So who do you go with?

Got an old 73 Chevy half-ton rear axle that’s been sitting in your garage for two and a half years now? Don’t haul it to the junkyard and pay the man at the entrance. Instead, list it on an Internet site, like eBay. You may be surprised what it might bring.

I just bought a set of rear-end gears for my 1989 Chevy Silverado, used, off of eBay. From the pictures included, they looked like they were in good condition, and they were the right gear ratio for my highway traveling, which was important to me. I saved nearly $200 by buying them used off the Internet. Sure, there was a bit of risk, but the savings was worth it. And, by the way, the gears were in good shape; they got me back on the road, thanks to UPS.

Cashing in on Car Parts
Can you make money on your used-car parts? That depends on how fast you want to sell them. The more time you have to find a buyer, the more money you can make. List your used-auto part on several sites, such as eBay, Kijiji or Craigslist. Some offer free selling, where the money is paid directly to you when the item is picked up, and other sites offer a plan to handle the money, taking a small percentage of the selling price. PayPal is one acceptable and safe method of receiving money from buyers.

Briefly, this is how the process works:

  1. List your part, with picture(s), being sure to include the asking price. Mention if your price is negotiable.
  2. If you are going to ship your part to the buyer, have a means for the buyer to pay you, either by a personal check, a cashier’s check, a PayPal account, or money order. Payment methods that have no written proof of the transaction can be risky.
  3. Know how much the shipping will cost ahead of time. Tell the buyer up front about the shipping cost. You may want to include insurance.
  4. Guarantee your used-car parts, especially if you plan to sell a number of parts. A certain amount of trust is required in this type of money-making endeavor. If you are not guaranteeing them, specify that the parts are “as is, no warranty included.”

Be perfectly honest in your descriptions and photos. Provide your telephone number. You want your buyer to be satisfied with the purchase, so don’t leave any surprises for him to find out when he gets the part. The used-car parts you sell are just what you claim they will be.

Whether you are buying or selling used-car parts, the process can be a thrill. By cutting out the middleman, you can save yourself a nice chunk of change.

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